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Georgia 2024: Nutsa Buzaladze’s entry is called “Fire Fighter”

GPB, the Georgian national broadcaster, has made public that this year’s Georgian entry, that will be sung by Nutsa Buzaladze, will have the name “Fire Fighter”.

Fire Fighter

For months we did not hear anything about this year’s Georgian entry, but now we know that singer Nutsa Buzaladze will represent her country with the song “Fire Fighter”. The song was composed by both Darko Dimitrov and Ada Skitka.


Like stated above, we do not know a whole lot about this year’s Georgian entry just yet, but now we all of a sudden know the title of Nutsa’s entry, and also that a renowned Italian choreographer, with the name Luigi Alocca, will come up with a great dance act to support Nutsa’s song. It was also revealed that Nutsa will have four Italian dancers with her on-stage.

The Georgian delegation means business this year as the stage director of Nutsa’s act is Sagiv Karpel, who is an American professional that has worked on acclaimed Tv shows, like: America’s Got Talent and these days he is working on American Idol.

Release date

Nutsa Buzaladze’s song will be revealed early March, and Nutsa revealed that her song is most definitely not a ballad. Nutsa is already having rehearsals for her act in Malmö (Sweden), so we can assume that the recording of the song has been completed.

Internal selection

Nutsa Buzaladze was chosen by GPB, the Georgian national broadcaster, through an internal selection. 300 songs were submitted to the selection commission of GPB, and eventually it was Nutsa who took the crown.

About Nutsa Buzaladze

Nutsa Buzaladze is a singer from Georgia. Most of the time she uses her stage name, “Nutsa”. In 2019 Nutsa released her first full-album. In Georgia Nutsa became well-known for her first single, “Gelodebi”, but also for her successful streaks in national singing shows. In 2023 Nutsa ended 12th in American Idol. It marked the first time an artist from outside of the United States came this far in this American talent show.


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