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Full details of Junior Eurovision 2020 stage revealed – Take a look at it!

The EBU and TVP have published full details and pictures of the stage for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020. This design will be shown during the live show in Warsaw.


Creative Director for Junior Eurovision 2020, Konrad Smuga, is bringing audiences a new design that “will create a spectacle that will appeal to the European audience, just like last year.”

The author behind this design is Anna Brodnicka, who was inspired by the circle and its connection to our lives. The stage will have spherical and round shapes displayed on big multimedia surfaces, and light devices that will allow the audience to identify the contestants. Moreover, the show will have a number of new technical elements never used and augmented reality.

“The circle has always been a symbol of perfectness, life and unity,” Anna said. “We move around the circle of life… We all experience many changes during this journey: Starting as children, then becoming a teenager and finally moving into adulthood.” She believes that the circumference of the circle represents the circle of life that is all around us and the centre of that circle is what is shared by all the living creatures that are equally important to us.


13 countries will take part in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest which will take place on 29th November. Ida Nowakowska, Małgorzata Tomaszewska and Rafał Brzozowski will host the show live from Warsaw.

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