France: Lisa Angell presents “N’oubliez Pas” live

Back in January, the French broadcaster France 2 announced that it would be Lisa Angell, that would represent the country at the upcoming Eurovision with the song N’oubliez Pas (Don’t Forget), written by Robert Goldman and produced by Jean-Claude Camus.

Yesterday the song was presented live on French TV for the first time, as Lisa performed it as part of the tv-show Grand Show, and you can watch that performance below.


Lisa Angell has previously told, that the lyrics of N’oubliez Pas could be connected to the recent tragic terrorist attackts, that happened in Paris, even though the song wasn’t written with that in mind, since it was already composed in November. She has said the message of the song is, that we should not forget the tragedies that happened, but that we should still keep remembering and enjoying the good times as well.

Since France is directly in the final at Eurovision 2015, as part of the big 5, Lisa Angell will perform her song for the European audience on May 23rd.



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