Finland: YLE reveals national selection plans for 2019

YLE has revealed the selection method they will use to choose their next Eurovision Song Contest representative. The Finnish broadcaster will select their 2019 hopeful from an invitation-only contest as they already did in 2018 when they chose Saara Aalto.

“The last year’s UMK showed us that we can invest more in performances and other content if we use the invitation-only contest. So, we’re curently developping the concept from this point of view”, said UMK producer Anssi Autio.

If UMK will feature one or more acts is still to be decided.

  “We’ve been in touch with record labels, producers, composers and performers. We’re currently assesing different options and possibilities”, Autio added.

This year Finland reached the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time since 2014 thanks to the performance of the X Factor UK’s runner-up Saara Aalto. Her song Monsters was selected through a national final that featured three songs.

Source:  YLE

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