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FIA to represent Germany at Junior Eurovision 2023

KiKA today revealed the results of the voting and the German representative who will travel to Nice in November.

This afternoon KiKA has released the results of its online pre-selection for Junior Eurovision, which consisted of an online vote and a jury’s choice, each with a 50% decision. With these results in, we now have the name of the artist who will represent Germany at Junior Eurovision 2023. Fia will be Germany’s standard bearer in Nice with her song “Ohne Worte” after receiving the most votes in the online voting by internet users of the website Kika.de and convincing a professional jury consisting of Kelvin Jones, Tom Gregory and other music experts .

The 12-year-old singer beat the other four finalists with “Ohne Worte”, a pop ballad with a message of hope and self-confidence, as well as an exploration of the connection to her siblings. Fia has expressed through her social media channels her excitement and gratitude to the public for their support since the day the online voting began. “I am very happy to be able to represent Germany at Junior Eurovision. It is a dream come true. I want to share my music and my story with the whole of Europe,” said the young singer.

Fia is a young singer living in Berlin, the capital of Germany. However, her origins are very different: she was born in Shanghai, China’s most populous city. Her family moved there for work when she was very young, but returned to Germany when her sister was born.

Fia has a very special relationship with her sister, who has been deaf since birth. Because of this, Fia learned international sign language and uses it to communicate with her and to translate her songs when she performs them in public. Fia has a great passion for music and entertainment, and dreams of becoming a star. In addition to singing, she enjoys playing different sports to keep fit and have fun. The artist made a name for herself in the last season of “The Voice Kids” this year and made it to the final with the help of Eurovision 2010 winner Lena Meyer-Landrut.

FIA | Image: NDR

Fia not only impresses with her singing, but also because she translates the lyrics of the song accompanied by gestures. Her little sister inspired her to do this. Her song “Without Words” is also about the connection between the two siblings.

When you ask the 12-year-old about her hobbies, the first thing she says is “acting”. The young girl is, without a doubt, the liveliest person in her family. Her favourite activities include climbing and swimming, which allow her to enjoy nature and the water. Fia is also an animal lover and has two pet rabbits: Simba and Puschel. She takes good care of them and gives them everything they need. Fia is a cheerful, creative and generous girl, who is always willing to help others and share her talents.

Germany opts for internal selection with online voting

Following theauditions, a jury of experts selected five candidates to go through to the final phase. On 8 September, KiKA published the names of the five candidates and the titles of their entries:

  • Adriano (14) – “Be My Girl”
  • Fia (12) – “Ohne Worte”
  • Lenny (14) – “Lieben lernen”
  • Rahel (13) – “Believe”
  • Toby (14) – “Stand Up”

Below you can see the full results of the voting, as you can see, Fia sweeps both the online vote and the jury vote. Second is Rahel, the big favourite, who wins the silver medal thanks to her second place in the online vote. Close behind is the first male soloist, Toby.

The ranking of the public:

  1. FIA – Ohne Worte
  3. Adriano – Be my Girl
  4. Toby – Stand up
  5. Lenny – Lieben lernen

The ranking of the international jury of experts:

  1. FIA – Ohne Worte
  2. Toby – Stand up
  4. Lenny – Lieben lernen
  5. Adriano – Be my Girl

Once combined, we get the final ranking:

  1. FIA – Ohne Worte
  3. Toby – Stand up
  4. Adriano – Be my Girl
  5. Lenny – Lieben lernen

On the same day the online voting was opened exclusively for the German-speaking countries of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Yesterday was the end of the online voting period , which accounted for the other 50% of the final result with that of the jury. German public television has confirmed that the new version and the video clip of Fia will be released on 13 October.


After years of rumours, Germany will finally make its debut at Junior Eurovision 2020. In an edition marked by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic with extraordinary measures, Susan and “Stronger With You” is chosen to represent them in Warsaw. She would achieve no better result than a twelfth and final position.

Despite indications of a possible withdrawal, the country decided to continue participating in 2021. Pauline and her “Imagine Us” are the winners of the national selection and representatives in Paris. There, they would achieve a seventeenth position with 61 points.

After two participations with two results that fell short of expectations, Germany would be absent from Yerevan 2022. The reasons given by German officials were travel restrictions imposed by the German government and a strategic change they wanted to make before taking part again.

Despite having confirmation from the German broadcaster much earlier, on Tuesday 29 August with the publication of the list of participating countries by the EBU, Germany’s return to the competition in 2023 became official.


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place on Sunday 26 November under the theme “Heroes” and is expected to have many new features. France is preparing to host the 21st edition of the children’s contest in the coastal city of Nice. On this occasion, the Palais Nikaïa has been chosen as the venue. Young artists from all over Europe will shine in a festival that returns to the month of November, after two editions held during the Christmas festivities.

As the main novelty of this year’s edition, the logo of the event incorporates the mythical Eurovision heart, just like in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since the generic logo was introduced, this is the first time in the history of the children’s contest that the flag of the host country has been included. Thus, in Nice 2023, the French flag flies inside the heart, which is already a globally recognised icon. The slogan and the official theme art of the 21st edition is made up of colourful and powerful elements.

French television is counting on the great experience of Paris 2021 and will spare no effort and resources to offer us a high-level event that lives up to the format. The aim is to make this 21st edition of the festival “unique and unrepeatable”. Once again, France Télévisions aims to organise Junior Eurovision at the highest level.

France will once again host the competition which will have at its heart a celebration of music, friendship and diversity, where Europe’s young talents will take centre stage.

With two victories to its name, the French country will host the 21st edition of a children’s festival that year after year consolidates itself among young audiences and acquires greater potential and popularity to give visibility to new talents in the world of music.

In 2022, in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, the Karen Demirchyan Complex hosted the competition for the second time in its history, as it did in 2011. There, France was the winner with the young singer Lissandro and his song “Oh Maman! With her charisma and energy in abundance, she managed to win the coveted crystal microphone thanks to 203 points from the national juries and the viewers through online voting.

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