Exclusive: Albania reveals the reasons behind Junior Eurovision withdrawal

We’ve had the chance to talk to the Albanian Head of Delegation about their Junior Eurovision withdrawal. Kleart Duraj has confirmed they won’t be taking part at Junior Eurovision 2020 because of the Covid19 Pandemic, but they will return when the situation will go back to normal.

We withdrew because of Covid obviously and we plan to return as soon as the situation will go back to normal, said Kleart Duraj.

It’s kids we are talking about, we can’t risk in any way any participant. Let alone that we could organize a national selection due to governmental restrictions, he added.

Albania is one of the countries that have withdrawn from the competition this year, most of them because of the current situation around the world. So, we hope to see them returning in 2021. The Balkan country has taken part in Junior Eurovision a total of 6 times reaching the best place in 2015 when Mishela Rapo came 5th with her song ‘Dambaje’.

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1 Comment

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