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Eurovision: We will not see Slovakia return to the contest in 2025

RTVS, the Slovakian public broadcaster, has stated that this country will not return to the contest of 2025. Before there was a slight chance the country just might.

Statement by RTVS

Head of the communications department of the Slovakian public broadcaster, RTVS, Zuzana Vicelová, has stated the following in an interview:

“Due to the reduced amount of the contribution from the state budget for RTVS, which was decided at the end of 2023, RTVS will not participate in Eurovision in other periods either. The participation of Slovak artists is associated with high financial costs, for which RTVS does not have the resources.”

– by Zuzana Vicelová, Head of Communications, RTVS

Probable return to the contest

Some time ago Slovakia was negotiating whether they would return to the contest anytime soon, but this will not be the case.

2012 was the last year Slovakia entered the contest, and ever since the Director General of RTVS, Ľuboš Machaj, is looking into ways to return.

Slovakia in the contest

The last time Slovakia participated in the Eurovision Song Contest was 12 years ago, when Max Jason Mai sang “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, ending in last place in Semi-final 2 (18th of 18).

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel

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