Eurovision: Kosovo is creating a Eurovision national selection

RTK, the Kosovar national broadcaster, has revealed that it is working on a Eurovision national selection, with the name “Festivalit të Këngës”. The festival would function as a future show to choose a Eurovision contestant for Kosovo in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Festivalit të Këngës

The name of the national Eurovision selection of Kosovo will have the name “Festivalit të Këngës”. The festival will be meant as a contest for performers from Kosovo and will fullfil RTK’s requirements to offer the Kosovar public additional cultural and artistic events.

About Kosovo

In 2008 Kosovo declared itself independent from Serbia. Kosovo borders to Montenegro, Albania, North-Macedonia, and Serbia. The capital of Kosovo is Pristina. Kosovo’s inhabitants are 90% Albanian, but they are also Serbian, Bosnian, Roma, Gorani, and Turkish. The independence of Kosovo is acknowledged by 101 of the 193 United Nations. Serbia acknowledges Kosovo as a province of Serbia, although Serbia does not have a say in Kosovo anymore since the Kosovo War in 1999.

About Kosovar participation in Eurovision

Kosovo and its national broadcaster, RTK, have been trying to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, since the country declared its independence in 2008.  It was said that Kosovo would enter the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022, but this did not happen, although the plans for it seem to be there.

Kosovo has participated in the Eurovision Young Dancers Contest in 2011.

Eurovision, National Final

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