Eurovision In Concert 2017: Which countries have confirmed so far?

One of the biggest prior events of the Eurovision Song Contest is opening its doors to the fans once again this year: Eurovision In Concert live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands! The event is scheduled to take place on the 8th of April in Melkweg, one of Amsterdam’s most popular music halls which has already hosted the concert for a few years.

Yesterday, the organizers officially announced the whole BIG 5 being present at the appointment with Lucie Jones‘ confirmation from the United Kingdom.

So far, 14 acts from 14 different European countries taking part at this year’s contest in Kiev have already expressed their intentions to perform at the event, thus the organizers have already revealed the following names:

  • Albania: Lindita Halimi
  • Armenia: Artsvik
  • Austria: Nathan Trent
  • Belarus: NAVIBAND
  • Cyprus: Hovig
  • France: Alma
  • Germany: Levina
  • Italy: Francesco Gabbani
  • Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic
  • Poland: Kasia Mós
  • Spain: Manel Navarro
  • Switzerland: Timebelle
  • The Netherlands: O’G3NE
  • United Kingdom: Lucie Jones

Iceland’s very own 1999 and 2005 representative Selma Björnsdóttir and Dutch Eurovision commentator Cornald Maas have been appointed as the conductors of the soirée. It’s not the first time Maas is doing the task, as we has a successful experience behind.

Before Saturday’s session itself, there will be a very intense promotion day for the attending artists to meet the international press and take time to make several interviews and the official presentation for all them, where they will also be able to get into the Eurovision mood two weeks ahead of their departure to Kiev.

Tickets were sold-out in a record-breaking, 30 minutes after they were released on sale a few months ago.

You can follow the latest news from their official profiles on social media below:

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