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Eurovision 2024: French Delegation Head states that there will be 41 countries in the upcoming contest?

Yesterday (08-11-2023) there was some buzz on social media that derived from the French Head of Delegation, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, who supposedly stated there will be 41 countries competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden).

The buzz

The buzz surrounding the social media posts in which was stated that the French Delegation Head, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, said that there will be 41 countries competing in the contest of 2024 was huge, since there is no list published yet about how many and which countries will be in the upcoming contest. We do know of 35 countries that will compete, but the statement of the French Delegation Head would mean that we do not know about 6 other countries that are going to compete.


Some say that during the interview in which the French Delegation Head made her statement, there was some misinterpretation due to translation difficulties. Supposedly Alexandra Redde-Amiel said that in the beginning of the contest there were just 7 countries competing, and now there are 41, which means that she did not say that there will be 41 countries competing in 2024.

Possible scenarios

Below you can find a couple of possible scenarios that might happen. There might be some countries that will return that we do know about yet.

  • Romania: This country is supposedly still in talks about competing in the 2024 contest. The reason for them to be not sure yet seems to be because of financial reasons.
  • North Macedonia: The country is still waiting on financial decisions when it comes down to their media prospects.
  • Australia: This country wants to compete again, but their five-year contract expired in 2023, thus they need to be invited again by the EBU to compete, whether this will happen has yet to be seen.

What will happen?

Looking at the possible options above we can say for sure that we will have to wait until more information about the matter is made public. For the contest of 2023 the list of participants was published in the middle of October 2022, and now we are almost in the middle of November 2023. Whenever there is more information we will update you on the matter.


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