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Eurovision 2024: ABBA World comes to Malmö!

During the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden) ABBA fans can submerge in “ABBA World”, a special exhibition of all things ABBA, celebrating the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s Eurovision win with the song “Waterloo”.

An immersive ABBA experience

This year it has been 50 year since the legendary Swedish band, ABBA, won the Eurovision Song Contest 1974 with the epic song “Waterloo”; this happened in the city of Brighton in the United Kingdom. This year Swedish Malmö is the host city, so a celebration of this ABBA anniversary needed to happen!

What is displayed during ABBA World?

From April 29th until May 12th 2024 “ABBA World” will open in Malmö, inviting all generations of ABBA fans to engage in an immersive ABBA experience. See parts of “ABBA: The Museum”, the digital ABBA hologram concert “ABBA Voyage”, the (movie) musical “Mamma Mia!”, but also “Mamma Mia!”: The Party”, and Polar Music International, all under one roof. For more information about all these ABBA events, have a look below.

There will be two floors for ABBA fans to meet and enjoy this wonderful mini-exhibition and pop-up of all things ABBA. This event will gather fans of all ages to share their love for ABBA, and in this sense also their love for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Where can I get more information about ABBA World?

For more information about ABBA World, click here.

What is ABBA: The Museum?

This museum, located in Stockholm, is most definitely not an ordinary one you see in every city. It is an immersive experience that knows no equal. Yes, this museum is about ABBA, but it is even more about you experiencing what it is to be ABBA. Engage in ABBA karaoke, play an ABBA quiz, and even visit the Polar Music International studio, the studio that owns the broad ABBA music catalogue.

Source: ABBA: The Museum YouTube channel

ABBA Voyage, what is it?

In London one can experience ABBA in their prime years, because this hologram concert offers its audience an ABBA experience like no other. You really experience ABBA like they are performing live in front of you, although it is all created by cutting-edge holograms and exquisite lighting effects.

Source: ABBA Voyage YouTube channel

Have you ever seen “Mamma Mia!” the (movie) musical?

The musical “Mamma Mia!” started out in London’s musical theatre district, West End, and has since conquered the world, even on the big screen with two distinct movies. Get submerged in an ABBA-infused story about love on a Greek island full of colourful characters trying to find love.

Source: OfficialLondon Theatre YouTube channel

Ever got your party on during “Mamma Mia!: The Party”?

After the success of the theatre musical “Mamma Mia!”, and the two movies that derived from it, the time had come to turn Mamma Mia into a party. London was the first city to host this party, and this year Rotterdam (the Netherlands) will be the second. During this party there is dining in a Greek atmosphere, but also singing and dancing; needles to say that all of this happens on the music of ABBA.

Source: Mamma Mia! The Party – London YouTube channel

What is Polar Music International exactly?

This famous music studio, located in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, has been in business for more than 60 years. The studio is the safekeeper of ABBA’s music. Not too shabby for a record label that started out in the early 1960’s by producing Swedish folk music.


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