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Eurovision 2023: The BBC invites fans to ask questions

This year’s organizing national broadcaster, the BBC, has invited fans to ask questions to the entrants of this year.

Fans can ask questions

Fans can ask questions to this year’s contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Questions can be submitted to a special Eurovision website, [email protected]. Fans can send in questions, but you also have to fill out your name and the country you come from. The rules to ask questions are easy, they are:

  • The questions can be asked to all participating acts
  • The stranger the question, the better.

Questions part of the live shows

The questions that are chosen to be asked to this year’s participants will be featured in videos during the live shows of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. The questions that are chosen will not be made public until they are featured in the live shows.

Eurovision 2023

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place on May 9th, 11th, and 13th 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. 37 countries will compete for the crown. This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be a joint venture, since last year’s winner Ukraine cannot organize the contest on home soil because of the ongoing war with Russia.


2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2023: The BBC invites fans to ask questions

  1. If Australia did win ,I know it’s slim, but would the final next year be held in Australia. Mike

    1. Hey Mike, sorry for our late reply because of being really busy these past couple of Eurovision weeks. In case Australia would win another country on the European continent will step in to host, since this is more cost-friendly.

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