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Austria 2023: Teya and Salena reveal their stage outfits

“Who the hell are Teya and Salena?” Well, we already know the answer to that question by now; they are the representatives of Austria in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool (United Kingdom), they will represent their country with the song, “Who the hell is Edgar?”, a song based on the American writer, poet, editor, and literary critic, Edgar Allen Poe. Yesterday the duo revealed their outfits for this year’s contest.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Teya & Salena – Who the Hell is Edgar? (2023)

Stage outfits of Teya and Salena

The stage outfits of Teya and Salena were designed by a duo that worked together especially for these outfits; the names of the designers are Johann Erhardt from “Haderlump Atelier” in Berlin, and Maximilian d’Antonio, who is a stylist and a creative director.

Source: Eurovision Insider

Teya said about the outfits:

“The outfits reflect both our personalities, they are different, but also the same. The colours of the outfits are not a big surprise as we are always seen in black, white, and red to promote our Eurovision entry. It might be a surprise to fans though that we are not wearing a secretarial outfit with a matching moustache.”

 Salena said about their outfits:

“We both feel incredibly comfortable in our stage outfits, and we are very excited to see how our outfits come across on the grand Eurovision stage. The design team of the outfits totally understood what we wanted to convey, and in such a way that we could still be “us”. We love it.”

About Teya and Salena

Teya and Salena met each other when they competed in an Austrian televised talent show, called “Starmania 21”. They became friends, and they were internally selected to represent their country, Austria, in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision 2023

Austria’s Teya and Salena will compete as 13th (of 16) in Semi-final 2 on May 11th 2023.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place on May 9th, 11th, and 13th 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. 37 countries will compete for the crown. This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be a joint venture, since last year’s winner Ukraine cannot organize the contest on home soil because of the ongoing war with Russia.


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