Eurovision 2023: Official list of 2023’s participating countries will be revealed this week

Later this week an official list of all of 2023’s participating countries will be revealed, stated the BBC yesterday (October 18th 2022). For now we know that 34 countries have confirmed to participate, but this number can go up to 38 countries; if this is the case is yet to be seen. 

Which countries have withdrawn?

Two countries that graced the stage in Turin (Italy), during the 2022 contest, have officially withdrawn, these are: Montenegro and North Macedonia. The reason for their withdrawal is financial difficulties to participate.


Countries with no official declaration

There are several countries that still need to officially declare that they withdraw from or participate in the upcoming contest, like: Armenia, Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Moldova.

Returning or new entrants

Next to the above, it is unclear whether Turkey will make its return or Kazakhstan might make its debut in the contest of 2023 in Liverpool. United Kingdom.

Eurovision 2023

When there is any news on the matter above, we will make sure to inform you on the website of ESCplus International, so for all things Eurovision, keep it ESCplus!


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