Eurovision 2023: News about Eurovision in Liverpool

As we are well on our when it comes down to the 2023 season of the Eurovision Song Contest, more news about how the organization in Liverpool will be surfaces. Yesterday it became known where next year’s Eurovision Village will be in Liverpool.

Location of the Eurovision Village confirmed

The location of the upcoming Eurovision Village in Liverpool has been confirmed by official sources, among these parties the Liverpool City Council. This important mainstay of every year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be at “Pier Head” in Liverpool when the contest is coming to this city. The Eurovision Village is always the place for stages, live music, and lots of other Eurovision-themed entertainment, in the host city of the contest.

More about Pier Head

The Pier Head site is located at the riverfront of Liverpool and has an amazing view when it comes down the Liverpool skyline, of which the Royal Liver Building and Cunard Building are absolute landmarks of the city of Liverpool. In the days of yesteryear Pier Head was the starting point for British people who wanted to try their luck overseas in cities like: New York and Boston.

Eurovision Village 2022

When will the 2023 Eurovision Village be open?

In a document, that was part of the tender to become the host city of next year’s contest, it is stated that the Eurovision Village will be open between May 5th and 13th 2023. These dates are open to change though, since in the document it is also mentioned that these can change by one or possibly two days.

Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool

The British city of Liverpool will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on behalf of the winning 2022 country, Ukraine. The reason that the United Kingdom is set to host the next contest is because of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. It is the ninth time that the United Kingdom hosts the event.

The 2023 contest will be held on Tuesday May 9th 2023 (Semi-final 1), Thursday May 11th 2023 (Semi-final 2), and on Saturday May 13th 2022 (Grand Final). The venue of the event will be the M&S Bank Arena.

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