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Eurovision 2023: Belgium will have a national selection

Last week it became known that the Belgian national broadcaster, VRT, will organize a national selection again to choose the next Belgian contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. The national selection, called “Eurosong”, was last held in 2016, when Belgium was represented by Laura Tesoro with the song “What’s the Pressure”.

Source: YouTube channel, Laura Tesoro, What’s the Pressure (Eurovision 2016)

What we know so far

The next edition of Eurosong will last for 5 to 7 weeks, and the live-shows will be presented by the well-known Belgian presenter Peter van de Veire. The shows will be broadcasted by the Belgian channel Eén.

Well-known artists

The VRT, which is the national broadcaster of the Flemish-part of Belgium, hopes to attract well-known artists to participate in the search for new Eurovision talent. A wish list of the VRT has some big names on it with the likings of Natalia (came in 2nd during Eurosong 2004), The Starlings (one half of this formation, Tom Dice, already represented Belgium in the contest of 2010, and finished in 6th place during the Grand Final), Regi (a DJ that became known in the Eurodance scene in the late ‘90’s – early ‘00’s with the duo “Milk Inc.”), but also Niels Destadsbader (presenter of the national Belgian selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest of 2012).   

The full explanation of the format, its dates, and venue have yet to be revealed by the VRT.

Source: VTM official YouTube channel, The Starlings, 2020

Belgium in the contest

In the contest of 2022 Belgium ended in 19th place in the Grand Final. In 2022 the French part of Belgium chose the Belgian representative, and the Belgian contestant of the 2023 contest will be chosen by the Flemish part. The French part of Belgium is the most successful up to now, having won the contest once for Belgium in 1986 when Sandra Kim sang “J’aime la Vie” in Bergen, Norway.

Source: YouTube channel, Laura Tesoro, What’s the Pressure (Eurovision 2016)

2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2023: Belgium will have a national selection

  1. Wondering, I am from Australia and used to love Milk Inc but they seem to have disappeared?
    will they release any future albums one wonders……..

    1. Hey! Thank you for your question! The thing with Milk Inc. is the following: The original singer (An) committed suicide a couple of years ago, and the next singer had a still-born which meant that she did not want to perform in public for years. The Milk Inc. duo is said to return, but when, no news about that. Regi (the DJ) is doing his own thing for a while now.

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