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Eurovision 2022: Short review of the first dress rehearsal of the 1st Semi-final

The first dress rehearsal is almost over, and we were in the venue to watch it. Accredited press can only see the first dress rehearsals live in the venue, so we did! Hereby we write a short review of this first dress rehearsal.

The stage

The stage is mesmerizing, and although the kinetic sun does look a bit weird on stage at first, you get used to it, and you eventually notice that this stage element still has enough gimmicks up its mechanical sleeves to makes up for it not being able to turn. The stage of course has many lights, but also a water cascade, pyrotechnics, smoke, and there are the props that were brought by many of the delegations. Sorry, but we have to say that we do wonder how much more original the stage could have been, when it wasn’t for that sun not being able to turn, but hey…we know that story.

Eurovision 2022 - The stage
Our reporter, Denis, with this year’s Eurovision stage

The entrants

Most of the entrants’ songs are augmented because of the staging; a very good example of this is “Intention” by the Bulgarian rockers of Intelligent Music Project, their song comes really alive because of the staging with pyrotechnics and cool lighting. Also the girls from Iceland’s Systur get a fair share of upgrading because of the way their song is staged, and we are here for it. The most sympathetic song is the one of Armenia, the staging is just so on-point, very nice.

The presenters

The presenters are a whole different story. All three of them look and sound like they do not know where to turn, what to say, and even more what to do with themselves; there seems to be a lot of twitching and awkward hands going on. Strange. The presenters just feel very ill-prepared. The reason for this? We do not know. Next to this, the scripts of the presenters seem to be full of typical Eurovision presenter humor, sometimes these types of jokes land, even more often they don’t.

Eurovision 2022 - Presenters

The interval acts

The interval acts of Semi-final 1 are Ok, but nothing spectacular you have never seen before. There is dancing, there is Italian dance music by i.a. DJ Benny Benassi, and Diodato performs his 2020 Eurovision entry that never was “Fai Rumore”. Nothing wrong with all of it, just Ok.

Semi-final 1

You can watch Semi-final 1 on your National Public Broadcaster, but you can also watch it on “ESCplus Live Multi-window” by clicking here. The show starts at 21:00 CET.

Tonight at 21:00 CET we are back to keep you updated about the jury show of Semi-final 2. Come and find us on Twitter, where we keep you posted!


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