Eurovision 2023: Potential British host cities need to have their bids ready soon

The deadline is September 8th 2022 for the remaining possible British host cities when it comes down to their bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Liverpool revealed the deadline

In an interview one of the possible host cities, Liverpool, revealed the deadline for the bids to be handed in to the BBC; this date is September 8th 2022. When all bids are in the BBC is going to visit all the host cities in the month of September 2022, and the ultimate decision will be made public in either late September and early October.

The 7 possible British host cities

The British host cities that are still in the race are the following:

  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield
Source:, OVO Hydro Glasgow

The key host requirements

Below you can find the key requirements for a city to become the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the United Kingdom.

  • The city or region’s capacity and capability to meet the BBC’s and EBU’s requirements.
  • Availability of resources and general experience in hosting large and complex events.

The story so far

This year (2022) the contest was won by the war-stricken country Ukraine, and their Eurovision act Kalush orchestra with the song “Stefania”. Because of several reasons, among them “safety”, this country is not able to host the upcoming contest in their own country, that is why the United Kingdom has offered to host the next version of Eurovision in their country. The last time a winning country could not host the next edition of the contest was back in 1979, when Israel won, and the following contest was held in The Hague (The Netherlands). Israel won two consecutive years, and did want to host the contest again for several reasons, among them financial reasons.

Updates about the host cities

When there are updates about the possible host cities of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, you can find news about it on the website of ESCplus International!


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