Eurovision 2021: Will all delegations be present in Rotterdam?

Now that the preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam are in full swing, it is uncertain whether all 39 participating countries will be present in the Netherlands. For the Australian delegation it will be very difficult to travel abroad, since the travel restrictions in their home country are very strict.

For EU countries travelling will not be a problem

For the delegations of all European countries travelling will not be a huge problem, especially for the countries within the EU. The Dutch organization of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 got an exception from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, to bring all delegations of the competing countries to the Netherlands, which also means that “probably” all international delegations will be present in Rotterdam upcoming May. In case a country cannot be present the “Live on Tape” performance of that specific country will be shown during this year’s semi-final or final.

“Many countries have put a lot of effort and enthusiasm in their Live on Tape performances. Prepare to be amazed. Of course, you want all the competing countries to be present, but it is great to see how all countries have created a plan B. Whatever may happen we will have 3 great shows to broadcast upcoming May.”

Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Rules have to be obeyed

The delegations that are coming to Rotterdam, have to obey the rules, i.e. a negative corona test is needed before suitcases can be prepared to come to Rotterdam, and when the delegations arrive in Rotterdam they are asked to stay in their hotel rooms as much as possible to create a safe haven. All people who have anything to do with the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam will be tested on a regular bases, and who tests positive must quarantine, even when you are a backing vocal or dancer. The rules of the Dutch Health Ministry will be leading.

“When an artist has been one and a half meter away from a backing vocal who tests positive, than the whole delegation needs to quarantine, which also means that the whole delegation will watch their Life on Tape performance from their hotel room. The rules will be very strict, but we need to put them in place, since we need a strong base for delegations to respect the rules.”

Sietse Bakker, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Source : Algemeen Dagblad

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