Eurovision 2021: Jeangu Macrooy is immortalized on a wall across the Ahoy Rotterdam

A huge painting of Dutch singer Jeangu Macrooy, this year’s Dutch representative during the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, can be seen across the Ahoy Rotterdam venue.

“This is the ideal spot. A great wall of 24 x 18 meters. Exactly between the Zuidplein and the Ahoy venue.”

– Tymon de Laat, Dutch painter

A vibrant painting

The painting is vibrant, impressive, colourful, and rises from a wall on the Zuiderterras, across Ahoy Rotterdam, where the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be held. It will be an eternal memory of the Contest coming to Rotterdam.

Artist Tymon de Laat

The artist that painted this piece of art is Tymon de Laat, who has been working on this art piece for quite some time. He was inspired by art from South-America, which explains the cool, vibrant colour surfaces on the painted face of Jeangu Macrooy.

“The hopeful stare of Jeangu Macrooy faces the horizon and the future, on which the light of a new day will travel across Jeangu’s face. The roughness of the city of Rotterdam, where high stone buildings decide the city’s outlook, is the perfect setting for a painting that stands for contrast and energy.”

– Tymon de Laat, Dutch painter

Source:  Algemeen Dagblad
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