Eurovision 2021: All opening and interval acts have been revealed

Of course, the focus is on all 39 participants during 2021’s Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, but the host country also gets a chance to show the best of their own, and that is absolutely what the Netherlands is going to do this year. From top-notch DJs up to modern dance groups, Rotterdam 2021 will have it all. Read an overview on this page.

May 18th 2021 – Semi-final 1:

Opening  and interval act: The Eurovision Song Contest is Back!

The Dutch winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Duncan Laurence, will play a pivotal role during the first Semi-final, but also during the Grand Final. The motto of the opening act of the first Semi-final is “The Eurovision Song Contest is back, and we are going to celebrate it!”. Duncan Laurence is going to show us exactly how. The opening act of Semi-final 1 will pave the way for the 2021 Eurovision shows to come.

“We have all had to wait so long for it, but it is almost there. It is very special to be able to return to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest, where it all started for me two years ago.”

Duncan Laurance, 2019’s Eurovision Song Contest winner

May 20th 2021 – Semi-final 2:

Opening act: Dance & Song

Handicapped award-winning Dutch break dancer Redo will open the second Semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021  together with Dutch singer Eefje de Visser. Together they will put on a universally recognizable performance through the combination of dance and song. Redo tells his life story with his dance act and hopes to inspire others. The dancer will be musically supported by hypnotic synth pop singer Eefje de Visser.

“Redo is a very talented dancer and has an impressive way of dancing. Our act is about resilience and connection. We say that more can be achieved through collaboration, especially in these dyer times.”

Eefje Visser, opening act performer during Semi-final 1

Interval act: Close Encounter of a Special Kind

During the second Semi-final of Eurovision 2021 there will be a performance by classical ballet dancer, Ahmad Joudeh, and BMX rider Dez Maarsen. The special feature about this performance is that Joudeh and Maarsen feel at home in the Netherlands, but Maarsen is native Dutch, and developed his talents in his home country, and Joudeh grew up in Syria, and found his homeland in the Netherlands. For his performance Joudeh combines classical ballet, contemporary dance and the Arabic Sufi (twirling). The combination of these two special performers is the reason why this performance got the title: “Close Encounter of a Special Kind”.

“In our lives it is important to find each other and to pay attention to each other. And although we are sometimes at a distance and the world is adrift, we still know where to find each other.”

Gerben Bakker, Head of Show of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

May 22nd 2021 – Grand Final:

Opening act: Flag Parade

Peter Gabriel is only 16 years of age, but he is one of the biggest DJ talents in the Netherlands. He is working with Dutch Musical Director Eric van Tijn on a very special music production for the opening act of the Grand Final. The special remix track will feature a well-known Dutch song in a modern sound and setting. Pieter and Eric are yet to unveil the song they have chosen to remix for the flag parade.

“I think the opening is the coolest thing about the Eurovision Song Contest. It immediately sets the tone for the Grand Final. I’m going to create an energetic, up-tempo, but accessible sound on stage so that everyone can go wild!”

Peter Gabriel, performing DJ during 2021’s Eurovision Song Contest

Interval act: Rock the Roof

One of the two interval acts during the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be “Rock the Roof”, during which six former winners will perform their winning entries once again. These winning acts are: Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005), Lordi (Finland 2006), Mans Zelmerlöw (Sweden 2015), Sandra Kim (Belgium 1986), Lenny Kuhr (Netherlands 1969) and Teach-Inn (Netherlands 1975). These acts will perform on roofs, hence the name of the act, of Rotterdam’s most iconic buildings, which are: Maassilo, Hotel New York, and the Boijmans Van Beuningen Depot Museum.

“The title of this great act is “Rock the Roof” for a reason. By literally filming at great heights, we want to surprise Europe creatively and visually.”

Gerben Bakker, Head of Show of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Interval act: Music Binds Us

Another interval act during the Grand Final will be a collaboration between international renowned DJ Afrojack, Dutch singer Wulf, and singer Glennis Grace, who participated herself in the Contest of 2005 (Kiev, Ukraine). Under the name “Music Binds Us” this trio, together with a classical orchestra of young people, will perform an act that is especially designed for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.
The act will consist out of two integrated parts that are going to seamlessly blend together, classical music, and one of the Netherlands’ best export products, dance music. In the first part of the act, the focus is on a film, directed by the Dutch Director Tim Oliehoek. In this film Wulf and Afrojack will play a huge part. In this film the setting will be Rotterdam’s city-center, and the Erasmus Bridge. Afrojack and Glennis Grace will rock the Rotterdam Ahoy, together with the orchestra, when this whole interval act comes to a climax.

“Our Dutch DJ’s used to fly all over the world to connect with their audience which is now different unfortunately. With this act we would like to send energy from Rotterdam to Europe and literally reconnect. Not only with the viewers but also with two unique music styles: The famous Dutch dance music and the sound of the classical orchestra.”

Gerben Bakker, Head of Show of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Obviously 2019’s Dutch Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence will also play a role during the Grand Final. He will perform his winning song “Arcade”, but also new music.

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