Duncan Laurence is taking the USA by storm

On April 6th 2021 2019 Dutch Eurovision Song Contest winner, Duncan Laurence, took the stage at world-famous American talk show, “Ellen”, presented by worldwide TV personality Ellen DeGeneres. During this show Duncan Laurence performed a special version of his winning Eurovision song “Arcade”, together with female singer Fletcher.

“This is one of the biggest moments of my life”

Duncan Laurence, Dutch Eurovision Song Contest 2019 winner

“This is what I live for!”

When Duncan Laurence saw that Ellen DeGeneres had his album in her hands to show it to millions of viewers at home in the USA, he said: “This is what I live for!”. “I am so incredibly proud of us”, he also added, referring to “us” as Fletcher and him.

Duncan Laurence and Fletcher were not physically present in the studio of the Ellen TV show during their performance, because of COVID-19 restrictions. They had recorded a music video, and this video was shown during the Ellen show.

Special duet version

Especially for the American music market Duncan Laurence released a duet version of his international hit song “Arcade”.

“It is so special that Arcade is making this wonderful journey, and now it has reached a new station in this journey by collaborating with Fletcher. It was such a great pleasure to record a duet during a time of social distancing. I am really proud of how things turned out.”

Duncan Laurence, Dutch Eurovision Song Contest 2019 winner

Second American performance

The performance of Duncan Laurence during the Ellen TV show is his second American-based performance in a week’s time. The week before he performed during the talk show “The Today Show”, where he also performed the song “Arcade”. At the moment, Duncan Laurence’s song is becoming a modest hit in the USA, but it is also on its way to become a prestigious Billboard Hot 100 song, a ranking that some artists can only dream of.

TikTok sensation

Some months ago a special remixed version of Duncan Laurence’s song became famous on TikTok, and it was used in thousands, maybe even millions, of TikTok videos, launching “Arcade” into online stardom. Eventually people really wanted to know who the singer is…

Source:  Algemeen Dagblad
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