Eurovision 2019: These are the key venues and event locations

KAN has officially revealed the key venues and event locations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, including the Euroclub and Eurovision Village.

  • Opening Ceremony – Habima Square
  • Eurovision Village – Charles Clore Park
  • Euroclub – Hangar 11

The 64th edition of Europe’s favourite TV show will take place on May 14, 16 and 18 May in Tel Aviv, Israel. The country will host the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time and in Tel Aviv for the first time following Netta’s victory in Lisbon.  The New Pavillion 2 at the Expo Tel Aviv will be the venue of the competition.

Expo Tel Aviv

The Opening Ceremony, this year is known as the “Orange Carpet” and is going to be held at the Habima Square on the Sunday of May 12th at 19.00 local time.  The square is known for hosting many cultural events as it sits at the intersection of a few well known Tel Aviv arts institutions in center of the city.  What is also notable about Habima Square is that it is part of the “White City” of Tel Aviv, referring to the style of architecture prevalent in Tel Aviv used by German-Jewish architects.  These architects fled to Tel Aviv during the rise of Hitler and therefore play particular importance in the city’s history.  Locals comment that it is a great place to relax after work as it is home to public gardens.


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The Eurovision Village will be located in Tel Aviv’s Charles Clore Park a public park on the waterfront named after a famous British philanthropist.  Fans have commented that this is a great venue since it is already home to large events, including the Tel Aviv Pride festival that takes place every year.

KAN has also reported that in the tradition of Tel Aviv’s “White Nights”  the city streets will be transformed into an international festival on the night before the Grand Final.  The current plan is to build around 40 stages throughout the city, each one in tribute to a country participating in the contest.

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Tel Aviv-info

Hangar 11 at the Port of Tel Aviv has been confirmed as the location of the Euroclub for this years Eurovision Song Contest.  The Hangar 11 is hall built for mixed use.  It can host some private events such as weddings, but also public events like concerts.  This is a large capacity space that advertises the state of art technology and comfort.  It also faces the sea and boasts oceanfront views.

We expect that as in previous years, the Euroclub will be open daily from the Saturday before the final until the night of the Grand Final.

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More details on the venues for Tel Aviv will be reported as they become available.  What do you think of the city’s preparations for this year’s event?  Let us know int he comments.


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