Eurovision 2017 continues with Semi-Final 2 Jury and Dress Rehearsals

Last night, the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest gave us the first 10 finalists for Saturday’s Grand Final, but it is big time to continue the journey and go on to the second semi-final dress and jury rehearsals prior to the main show on Thursday.

At 15:00 CET, the first dress rehearsal will take place at the International Exhibition Center in Kyiv with the remaining 18 semifinalists of this year’s contest taking the stage, as well as the opening and interval performances which will include 2004 Eurovision winner Ruslana, the reason why the contest travelled to Ukraine back in 2005. The second dress rehearsal will take place at 21:00 CET and that’s when the juries will cast their votes.

You can see the 18 participating countries below:

  1. Serbia: Tijana Bogićević – “In Too Deep”
  2. Austria: Nathan Trent – “Running On Air”
  3. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Jana Burčeska – “Dance Alone”
  4. Malta: Claudia Faniello – “Breathlessly”
  5. Romania: Ilinca & Alex Florea – “Yodel It!”
  6. The Netherlands: O’G3NE – “Lights & Shadows”
  7. Hungary: Joci Pápai – “Origo”
  8. Denmark: Anja Nissen – “Where I Am”
  9. Ireland: Brendan Murray – “Dying To Try”
  10. San Marino: Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson – “Spirit Of The Night”
  11. Croatia: Jacques Houdek – “My Friend”
  12. Norway: JOWST – “Grab The Moment”
  13. Switzerland: Timebelle – “Apollo”
  14. Belarus: NAVIBAND – “Story Of My Love”
  15. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov – “Beautiful Mess”
  16. Lithuania: Fusedmarc – “Rain Of Revolution”
  17. Estonia: Kooit Tome & Laura – “Verona”
  18. Israel: IMRI – “I Feel Alive”

Apart from the 18 competing countries, the juries of France, Germany and host nation Ukraine will also cast their votes and perform on stage their respective entries as well. Moreover, will upload their full-length performances after a short clip is released during the live show on Thursday, same procedure run in Stockholm last year. Click HERE to find out who the jurors of each country will be.

Which countries do you want to see at the Grand Final? Let us know in comments!

About Adrián Valiente (Spain)

Adrián Valiente (Spain)

I love the Eurovision Song Contest not only because of its amazing production but it also gives me the chance to discover new music every year.
I’ve been watching it since 2002, since then I became a huge follower, mostly because of the interest TVE put on it with Rosa from Spain.
I’ve attended the contest several times in the last few years. I also attended the Junior Eurovision in Malta and Bulgaria where we lived an amazing experience thanks to all delegations and PBS/BNT organising team.

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