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Has the Eurovision 2016 winning entry broken the song rules?


The winning entry of this year’s Eurovision could have broken the rules.  Today, a video performance of Jamala performing 1944 a year ago has been brought to light via YouTube.


The video, which was uploaded on the 19th of May, 2015, has been publicly available until moments ago. The clip showed some performances of Jamala during a concert which took place the day before the video publication including her song 1944. Although the song sounded a bit different from the Eurovision version, it could have broken the rule which states that the songs performed at Eurovision mustn’t be made public until the 1st of September of the year before. Let’s see how this story continues…

Jamala won Eurovision 2016 with the support of a 50-50 combination of jury and televoting results.

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6 thoughts on “Has the Eurovision 2016 winning entry broken the song rules?

  1. I hope that EBU will not disqualify Jamala from the winner though.

    In 2013 we had, calling to disqualify the winner DENMARK because of plagiarism
    In 2014, there was an outcry because a ”freak monster” won the EuroVision 😛
    In 2015, there was also accusations of plagiarism with the winning song ”Heroes”
    And this year… From where I should begin?? 😛

    The number of people that were outraged with UKRAINE’s song winning the EuroVision were so many. The dislikes on Ukraine’s videos in youtube are falling like rain & they are even more than the likes!

    1. But even if UKRAINE gets striped its victory
      then it won’t be RUSSIA that will be awarded the winner
      but will be AUSTRALIA that finished 2nd.
      It doesn’t matter that Sergey won the televoting.
      IL Volo last year had also won the televoting with 365 points
      when Mans came only 3rd with 286 points instead.

      1. So I find it pointless that all these dozens/hundreds
        thousands Russians
        have signed that stupid petition to disqualify UKRAINE.
        It will still be Dami Im that will be the next in line to be given the trophy.
        So it will be again LOSS for the Russians on both cases!

        1. It would made sense to sign this petition
          & pressure EBU to disqualify Ukraine
          only if RUSSIA had finished 2nd on the place of Australia.

          1. I guess that the point is about punishing for braking the rules, not about helping Russia to win the contest.

  2. I think ”1944′ ‘song broke the ESC rules! The song is historical and political. Many countries were punished with political songs before. But this year win The real political song which has deep political meaning! How to understand that ?

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