Eurovision 2016: Watch the second individual rehearsals (Saturday 7 – Part 2)

Today, a total of 18 participants from the Semi-Final 2 + Germany, Italy and United Kingdom (first rehearsal) will go on stage for the second time inside the Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. Be sure to check our posts regularly as the latest videos of rehearsals and impressions will be added during the day.

You can find the countries that will rehearse in the second half of the day below:

  • FYR Macedonia (15:50-16:10 CET)

  • Lithuania (16:15-16:35 CET)

  • Australia (16:40-17:00 CET)

  • Slovenia (17:05-17:25 CET)

  • Bulgaria (17:30-17:50 CET)

  • Denmark (18:55-19:15 CET)

  • Ukraine (19:20-19:40 CET)

  • Norway (19:45-20:05 CET)

  • Georgia (20:10-20:30 CET)

  • Albania (20:35-20:55 CET)

  • Belgium (21:00-21:20 CET)


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