EUROPanel 2017: Voting next is TimoTi Sannikov from Israel

Today we bring you the votes of our expert panel member TimoTi Sannikov from Israel.

Australia – 1 point

Switzerland – 2 points

Malta – 3 points

Cyprus – 4 points

Moldova – 5 points

Sweden – 6 points

Germany – 7 points

Belarus – 8 points

Romania – 10 points

France – 12 points

About TimoTi Sannikov:

Tim is an Israeli artist born in Augost 2003. He represented Israel at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 together with his partner Shir. They sang “Follow My Heart” in hebrew and english and finished at the 15th place with 27 points. He has also been in many other TV shows and projects around Europe, since he started performing when he was 3 years old.

What’s EUROPanel?

EUROPanel is an ESC+Plus Network feature which brings former Eurovision and national selection participants together to create an annual pan-European scoring of the contest. You can visit the official website of EUROPanel and find out more about this year’s expert panel by clicking here.

NOTE: The results of EUROPanel will be mixed with the ones from our official Eurovision Style Poll in order to generate a final prediction of this year’s edition.


About Miguel Pons

Miguel Pons

Seguidor desde pequeño del festival, pero no fue hasta que Sergio Dalma nos represento en Italia cuando me entro verdaderamente la vena eurofan, creador de la web y ahora redactor en ESC+Plus España.

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