Eurojury: Luxembourg Votes

Luxembourg Calling
Luxembourg Calling

Here are the first votes in Eurojury from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Luxembourg’s jury was made up of the winner of Eurovision 1973 Anne-Marie David with the song “Tu te reconnaîtras” (“You’ll Recognize Yourself”).

Here are the points from Luxembourg:

  1. Belgium – 12 points
  2. Austria – 10 points
  3. Spain – 8 points
  4. Armenia – 7 points
  5. Denmark – 6 points
  6. Malta – 5 points
  7. Russia – 4 points
  8. Latvia – 3 points
  9. Montenegro – 2 points
  10. San Marino – 1 point

We thank Anne-Marie David for her points. You can find out more about Luxembourg and Anne-Marie herself on the website here.

The next countries points to be revealed are Lithuania.


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