Eurojury: Launches Saturday

Launch At 17:00 CET

Launch At 17:15 CET

Eurojury will launch tomorrow at 17:15 CET as the first countries votes are announced. Eurojury for the first time brings together former Eurovision entrants and national selection entrants together to create a pan-European scoring contest. and ESC-Plus are proud to be working together on this project.

Here’s How The Voting Works

So how does it work?

Who makes up each countries jury?

Each countries jury is made up of at least one former Eurovision participant or national selection entrant.

What do the jury members do?

All of the artists have listened to the songs personally,  they have been asked to listen to all of the songs in this years contest. They have then ranked the songs into a top.10 from which the songs are scored in the Eurovision way. This means that their favourite song is given 12 points, while their 10th favourite is given 1 point.

How are the scores of each country calculated?

Each member of that countries juries score is added together to give an overall points score. So the song with the highest score is given 12 points, while the song with the 10th highest score is given 1 point.

What happens if two songs score the same number of points?

If two songs score the same number of points then we look at what points each juror gave them. For example two songs have scored 15 points, song 1 has got points from 2 jurors and song 2 has got points from 3 jurors. Song 2 is ranked higher than song 1 due to receiving points from more jurors.

If both songs have got votes from 3 jurors, then we look at the points that have been allocated. If song 1 has been given 10, 2 and 3 points, while song 2 has been given 7, 7 and 1 point, then song 1 ranks higher due to getting the higher point of 10 compared to 7.

The contest will be launched with the points from Luxembourg, then up until the contest the points from a further 37 countries will be revealed.

All of the scores, as well as information about the country and there jury will be found here.



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