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Eurojury: First Points On Monday

Eurojury Returns Monday! Source: EBU
Eurojury Returns Monday! Source: EBU and are proud to announce that the website for Eurojury 2015 has just gone live.

After the success of last year Eurojury returns with even more artists and bigger names from across Europe. Eurojury brings together former Eurovision participants and national selection participants from across Europe together. From each country we have asked former national selection participants and Eurovision entrants to rate this years songs in the Eurovision style, so 1-8 points, 10 points and then finally 12 points for their favourite, each jurors points are combined to create the points for each country.

Here’s just a few of the names that will be appearing in Eurojury this year:

  • Eldar – Eurovision 2011 winner
  • DEEN – Bosnia & Herzegovina 2004
  • Petr Elifmov – Belarus 2009
  • Adrian Lulgjuraj – Albania 2013

The first country to announce their points will be revealed Monday.

Find out more on the website here.

Eurojury 2015

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