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Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef feeling fantastic after back injury

Mikolas Josef of Czech Republic talked to ESCplus about his back accident on stage during rehearsals earlier this week.

The young singer suffered a nasty fall while rehearsing his song ‘Lie To Me’ on the Altice Arena stage.


Mikolas was sent to a nearby hospital in Lisbon for his back to be treated and after some nerve whacking waiting time, Mikolas revealed he was given the green light by his doctor to resume representing his country at this week’s Eurovision Song Contest.

It is great to see Mr Josef back in the Eurovision community and we were able to chat with him about the accident.

Mikolas was in high spirits when we interviewed him, he said: “It’s way better. What happened, happened and for a few minutes we were all really down with the situation because the way it looked. It wasn’t so pleasing.”

“But now since I can stand and I can sing, we’ve decided to let go of all the negativity and the negative of Mikolas Josef because this isn’t the Mikolas Josef that everybody knows. I’m always wearing a smile on my face and I would like it to be this way.”

The 22-year-old was thankful for the support he was receiving from his team, his fans and the staff from the hospital.

He added: “From now on it’s the fact that my back is getting better. The doctors helped. Everybody has been really helpful up to this moment so right now it can only go up.

“It’s a great feeling to be back and we were right here in the lobby and I was aiming for hospital and we were like ‘Oh my God’ and ‘Maybe this is over’. So going back to that rehearsal felt great.”

You can catch ESCplus’ FULL interview on our YouTube channel very soon.

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