Cyprus: Hovig goes to Kyiv with “Gravity”

The Cypriot representative, Hovig, has been recently posting hints about the title of his song on his Facebook page. After a video with an astronaut’s helmet and another one about the gravitational acceleration, we got a final video with an acrostic which clearly reveals the song title. It’s “Gravity”!

Can you guess the title of our #Eurovision entry ? Here's your last hint! #TeamCY

Geplaatst door Hovig op dinsdag 31 januari 2017


The song is written by the Swedish Thomas G:son who has previously written many entries for other European countries as well as the winning Eurovision song of 2012, “Euphoria”. Hovig travelled last week to Sweden to meet with G:son. The song is not ready yet but they plan to release it by the end of February.

Cyprus will compete in the second half of the first semi-final on 9th of May. Last year they finished 21st in the final with “Alter Ego” by Minus One.

About Ifigeneia Filippidou (Greece/Sweden)

Ifigeneia Filippidou (Greece/Sweden)

I’m Ifi from Greece (living in Sweden since September 2010). I became a huge Eurovision fan in 2002 when I accidentally watched it on tv. I also love Melodifestivalen! I’m following the live shows since 2008 and since I moved to Sweden I’ve attended every final. I try to follow as many national finals as possible every year. And I’m also the biggest Alcazar fan!
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