Croatia: Listen to snippets of Dora hopefuls

The Dora 2019 finale will be held on Saturday.  Both the public and the expert jury will have their say on the competition’s outcome.

The winner of the Croatian selection process will be selected by 50% public televote and 50% regional juries. In the event of a tie the public televote will be used to determine the winner.  Today, snippets were released of the 16 hopefuls for the first time.

The Editorial Board of Dora in 2019 decided on the order of performing the songs for the final which will take place in Opatija at the Marino Cvetkovic Hall.

The running order will be:

  1. Bojan Jambrošić & Danijela Pintarić – Vrijeme predaje
  2. Jelena Bosančić – Tell Me
  3. Kim Verson – Nisam to što žele
  4. Jure Brkljača – Ne postojim kad nisi tu
  5. Beta Sudar – Don’t Give Up
  6. Lea Mijatović – Tebi pripadam
  7. Gelato Sisters – Back To That Swing
  8. Luka Nižetić – Brutalero
  9. Elis Lovrić – All I Really Want
  10. Domenica – Indigo
  11. Roko – The Dream
  12. Ema Gagro – Redemption
  13. Lidija Bačić Lille – Tek je počelo
  14. Lorena Bućan – Tower of Babylon
  15. Bernarda Bruno – I Believe In True Love
  16. Manntra – In The Shadows

Listen to the snippets here:

What do you think of the snippets?  Do we have a Eurovision winner in this bunch?


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