Check the first results for the OGAE International ESC poll!

As every year, OGAE international along with all partner countries are organizing a poll to vote for their favourite Eurovision 2015 songs and get to know what the favourites for the fans are. The first countries to cast their votes have been Albania, Armenia, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Important to remark that not all the countries have the same number of members as well as a different voting system to decide the final outcome.

You can check the voting from these first 4 countries, clicking by HERE.

The current top-5 looks as it follows:

  • Italy – 44 points
  • Sweden – 37 points
  • Estonia – 33 points
  • Australia – 21 points
  • Russia – 15 points

Next countries up to vote are Estonia, Russia, Denmark and OGAE Rest Of The World, their voting results will be available tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates on this year’s OGAE voting! The countdown for Vienna has started!



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