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Chanel releases the music video for “SloMo”, Spain’s entry for Eurovision 2022

Chanel is only two months away from taking the stage in Turin. The young artist has premiered her video clip in front of the media present, including ESCplus.

The video can already be seen on RTVE Play and will be available tomorrow on the official Eurovision channel for all international viewers to enjoy.

According to the official RTVE website, the work shows a production by Pawla Casanovas that shows us a Chanel who is more of a pop diva than ever: an empowered woman who is the owner and protagonist of her life. Three minutes in which dancing, partying and stunning lighting are the key elements of a production in which Chanel, with four costume changes, is accompanied by her dancers Exon Arcos, Josh Huerta, Pol Soto, Raquel Caurín and Ría Pérez, in a choreography by the choreographer Kyle Hanagami, the creative director of the staging to be seen in Turin.

A few weeks ago, the singer told us how the filming of the music video went

“It went super well, I’m super tired, but it went great. We’ve put all our effort into it to make it amazing

The artist reserved the details for the coming weeks as she wants fans to be surprised the first time they see the video.

“I’m sorry, I can’t tell you anything. But it’s amazing and I think it’s going to be a big hit. We’ve given everything we have to make it a hit. And, above all, we’ve had a great time and I think it’s going to be seen on screen, it’s crazy. Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved music videos and I imagined being behind that smoke, that wind… And now it’s my turn to live it. It’s crazy and I think my inner child is jumping for joy“Chanel, very happy with the result


Three filming sets, water, lights… These are some of the key elements of the music video for ‘SloMo’, directed by Pawla Casanovas. The aim of the production is to “highlight Chanel’s dancing skills” and show her as a “strong and very empowered” woman: “She inspires me with strength, glamour, style… and visual power. Explosion,” says the director.

“It’s a sexy video, with glamour, incredible choreography, super special sets…”, explains Casanovas, who highlights how easy it has been to work with the Spanish representative at Eurovision: “She’s very nice. When I met her we connected a lot and I think that’s very important. She makes the job very easy. And, moreover, she gets on camera and the first take is the good one. You can tell she’s got a lot of experience”, she concludes.

“Sensual and sophisticated” are the words Chanel chooses to talk about her video clip, the first in her professional career, with which she has a goal: “I want to transmit strength, confidence and the desire to have a good time. And to enjoy music and dance. Every little step we are taking adds to ‘SloMo’. I can’t wait to go to Turin to show what we’re working on”, says the artist.

You can re-watch the press conference to present the video clip in the video below


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