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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Maya Sar releases new album

Bosnian last representative Maya Sar has launched her first solo album “Krive rijeci” wich is named like one of the songs included:

Just few days ago she released her last single “O meni nikom ne pricaj” wich is the first track of the album:

Maya Sar works with the biggest names from the Balkan region. For many years she has been a band member for Dino Merlin.
She is the founder of the ragional humanitarian project in the fight against cervical cancer Moj je život moja pjesma (My Life Is My Song) and the composer and songwriter of the eponymous song. For this, she received the Gold plaque of the great human heart by the International League of Humanists (Dr. Elisabeth Rehn)
With the first self-composed single Nespretno (Awkwardly) Maya Sar achieved remarkable success. She composes for other artists in the family studio Long Play with her husband and producer Mahir Sarihodžić.

Maya Sar represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at Eurovision 2012 with the song “Korake Ti Znam” qualifying for the final, she got the 18th place. She also took part at Eurovision 2011 as backing vocalist of Dino Merlin who reached the 6th place.



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