#BestOfJESC – Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Today, we look back on the eleventh edition of Junior Eurovision!

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 was held in the Palace “Ukraine”, located in Kiev, on the 30th of November.


  1. Sweden: Eliias – Det är dit vi ska
  2. Azerbaijan: Rustam Karimov – Me and my guitar
  3. Armenia: Monika – Choco Factory
  4. San Marino: Michele Perniola – O-o-O Sole intorno a me
  5. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Barbara Popović – Ohrid i muzika
  6. Ukraine: Sofia Tarasova – We Are One
  7. Belarus: Ilya Volkov – Poy so Mnoy
  8. Moldova: Rafael Bobeica – Cum să fim
  9. Georgia: Smile Shop – Give your smile
  10. The Netherlands: Mylène & Rosanne – Double Me
  11. Malta: Gaia Cauchi – The Start
  12. Russia: Dayana Kirillova – Dream on



  • The 11th edition of JESC was held in 2013 at the National Palace of Arts Ukraina in Kyiv, Ukraine, making Kyiv the first city to host JESC twice, having hosted the competition in 2009. This initiated the policy of giving the winning country the first chance to host the following years competition.
  • The hosts were Timur Miroshnychenko, who had also co-hosted in 2009, and Zlata Ognevich and the interval acts were: Emmelie de Forest, who won the 2013 ESC for Denmark; Anastasia Petryk, who won the 2012 JESC for the Ukraine; Zlata Ognevich; and all of the contestants singing a group song.
  • San Marino made their debut in 2013. FYR Macedonia returned after a 1 year break and Malta returned after a 2 year break from the competition. Albania and Israel withdrew after only 1 appearance, and Belgium, withdrew after having appeared in all of the first 10 editions of the show.
  • Again only 12 countries competed, making this, and the 2012 edition, the smallest competitions so far. This year saw the introduction of prizes being given to the 3 highest scoring acts.
  • San Marino were represented by Michele Perniola, from Italy, who became the first contestant to be granted special permission to represent a country where he did not meet the residence / citizenship requirement due to the small size of San Marino’s population.
  • Belarus were represented by Ilya Volkov who had been a backing singer for Egor Zheshko in the 2012 JESC.
  • The Netherlands were represented by Mylène & Rosanne Waalewijn, the first set of mirror twins (identical twins who are mirror images of each other) with Mylène being left-handed and Rosanne being right-handed.
  • Malta were represented by Gaia Cauchi, who won the competition making her the first person from Malta to win any Eurovision event. She was given a superstar welcome on her return to Malta and was awarded the Ġieħ ir-Repubblika, Malta’s highest honour making her the youngest ever recipient of the award.

Steph Parker

#BestOfJESC, Junior Eurovision

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