#BestOfJESC – Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003

We start a new season of #BestOfJESC looking back on the first Junior Eurovision ever!

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003 took place on 15 November, 2003 at Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark.


  1. Greece: Nicolas Ganopoulos – Fili gia panta
  2. Croatia: Dino Jelusić – Ti Si Moja Prva Ljubav
  3. Cyprus: Theodora Rafti – Mia Efhi
  4. Belarus: Volha Satsiuk – Tantsuy
  5. Latvia: Dzintars Cica – Tu Esi Vasara
  6. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Marija and Viktorija – Ti Ne me Poznavaš
  7. Poland: Kasia Zurawik – Coś Mnie Nosi
  8. Norway: 2U – Sinnsykt Gal Forelsket
  9. Spain: Sergio – Desde El Cielo
  10. Romania: Bubu – Tobele Sunt Viaţa Mea
  11. Belgium: X!NK – De Vriendschapsband
  12. United Kingdom: Tom Morley – My Song For The World
  13. Denmark: Anne Gadegaard – Arabiens Drøm
  14. Sweden: The Honeypies – Stoppa Mig
  15. Malta: Sarah Harrison – Like A Star
  16. The Netherlands: Roel – Mijn Ogen Zeggen Alles




  • The hosts of the show were Camilla Ottensen & Remee and the interval acts were Busted and the Sugarcubes.
  • Denmark was chosen as the host country because JESC had grown out of their junior song contest for the Scandinavian countries.
  • The age range was limited to children between 8 and 15 years old, who also had to write the songs themselves. Professional child performers were not allowed to take part.
  • As this was the first JESC the competing countries were unsure of what to expect and this resulted in a wide variety of different musical styles being presented and the songs were also presented in a variety of different ways with Sweden have the greatest variety of talents being displayed of any JESC performance with a virtual mini-circus supporting the girls of The Honeypies.
  • The show was opened by Nicolas Ganopoulos from Greece who not only has the honour of being the first performer to appear at JESC but he is also the youngest performer to appear. The second contestant was Dino from Croatia who was the first winner of JESC.
  • Anne, from Denmark, is still the only performer to have performed barefoot apart from last year’s Trio Sypmho-Nick.
  • Malta were represented by Sarah Harrison who went on to appear in 3 of the Harry Potter films where she played the part of school girls.

Steph Parker

#BestOfJESC, Junior Eurovision

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  1. Your facts are not up to date – Bzikebi also performed first half and won, and Sympho-nick also performed barefoot last year 😛

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