Belgium: “Eurosong” to be the Belgian national final, again.

Steve De Coninck-De Boeck, deputy of a network manager of the Belgian broadcaster VRT, announced in March of 2013 that it would be probably to return to the  “Eurosong” formula to choose the Belgian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The time has arrived and we can say that, after the 12th place reached by Roberto Bellarosa in Malmö, a renewed “Eurosong” will come back to the VRT next year with a new format out of several weeks.

2008 was the last year when VRT used the “Eurosong” to pick its entry: “O Julissi” by Ishtar. They didn’t pass to the final, getting 16 points and a 17th place at the first semifinal in Belgrade.

Stay tuned to to know all about the new Belgian “Eurosong”.



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