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Belgium 2023: National Grand Final tonight

Tonight Belgium will select its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool (United Kingdom).

Eurosong 2023

After a week of song choice shows, 7 acts will perform tonight during Belgian Eurosong 2023 in the Belgian capital city of Brussels. The venue of the Belgian Grand Final will be Paleis 12 / Palais 12. The time of the live broadcast is 20:15 CET.

The 7 entrants

The 7 entrants of tonight you can find below. All 7 of them have been in “song choice shows” earlier this week, during which every act performed two songs in front of their peers; afterwards the acts would choose their one competing entry themselves with the help of their peers.

Loredana: I Dream in Colours / You Lift Me Up
Song choice: You Lift Me Up

Source: Arribaftv YouTube channel, Loredana – You lift me up

Chérine: Ca m’ennuie pas / Mon étoile
Song choice: Ça m’ennuie pas

Source: Arribaftv YouTube channel, Chérine – Ça m’ennuie pas

Hunter Falls: Home / Ooh La La
Song choice: Ooh La La

Source: Arribaftv YouTube channel, Hunter Falls – Ooh la la

The Starlings: Oceanside / Rollercoaster
Song choice: Rollercoaster

Source: Arribaftv YouTube channel, The Starlings – Rollercoaster

Ameerah: The Carnival / Armageddon
Song choice: The Carnival

Source: Arribaftv YouTube channel, Ameerah – The carnival

gala dragot: Emotion Ollie / T‘Inquiète
Song choice: T’inquiète

Source: Arribaftv YouTube channel, gala dragot – T’inquiète

Gustaph: Because of You / The Nail
Song choice: Because of You

Source: Arribaftv YouTube channel, Gustaph – Because of you

The jury of Eurosong 2023

The jury of Belgian Eurosong 2023 consists of two parts: a jury of professionals and public televoting. There will be a grand total of 1,560 points to award acts with, 780 points to divide by the professional jury and 780 points by public televoting.

The professional jury

The professional jury of this year’s Belgian national final consists of 15 members of which 4 will be present in the studio of the live national final. The professional jury will award the following points to the acts: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12 points.

The jury members which will be in the studio

The 4 jury members which will be in the studio during the broadcast will be four known names, which are:

  • Alexander Rybak: Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009
  • Nikkie de Jager: Host of the Eurovision Song Contes 2021
  • Laura Tesoro: Represented Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016
  • Jérémie Makiese: Represented Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The 11 other jury members

Next to the well-known professional jury members, there are also 11 other jury members that all represent the music, event, and Eurovision expertise of Belgium, these are:

  • Laura Govaerts (MNM)
  • Ann Reymen (Radio2)
  • Korneel De Clercq (Radio 1)
  • Thibault Christiaensen (StuBru)
  • Francicso Schuster ( #LikeMe )
  • Leslie Cable (Head of Delegation for RTBF at the Eurovision Song Contest)
  • Jasper Van Biesen (Author of “65 years of Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest”)
  • Stephan Monsieur (Chair of OGAE Belgium)
  • André Vermeulen (Journalist and Eurovision specialist)
  • Els Germonpré (Music coordinator Eén)
  • Manu Lammens (music manager MNM)

How the voting system works

The voting system works as follows: The public televoting will have 780 points broken down into percentages of the vote that each of the Eurosong 2023 entrants receive, for example 10% of the votes will result in 78 points. There might be a tie at the end of the voting sequence, when that happens the entrant that receives the highest score will be the winner that will fly the Belgian flag in Liverpool (UK).

Interval acts

Dutch 2019 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Duncan Laurence, will perform tonight as (one of the?) interval act(s).

Eurovision 2022

In the contest of 2022 in Turin (Italy) Belgium was represented by Jérémie Makiese with the song “Miss You”. Jérémie came in 8th in Semi-final 2, and eventually he came in 19th place in the Grand Final.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channe, Jérémie Makiese – Miss You (2022)

ESCplus Live

To watch tonight’s Belgian Grand Final, make sure to go to our dedicated website, “ESCplus Live”, and watch this national final live, just click the link:

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