AWS will carry Hungarian hopes to Lisbon!

Hungary has spoken! It’s AWS who’s carried off the A Dal 2018 title tonight and, singing ‘Viszlát nyár’, will fly the flag for their country at May’s Eurovision Song Contest.

They were one of four acts who made it through the first round of voting, based on the marks awarded by the four jurors:

  • Zsolt Süle: Zöld a május
  • Gergely Dánielfy: Azt mondtad 
  • Gábor Heincz Biga: Good vibez
  • Leander Kills: Nem szól harang
  • AWS: Viszlát nyár
  • Yesyes: I let you run away
  • Viktor Király: Budapest girl
  • Tamás Horváth: Meggyfa

A public vote then whittled the four top-scorers down to just one – our winner!

What a night! And it’ll be just as big a night on 10th May when Hungary takes part in the second half of the ESC 2018 Second Semi-Final. Yes, their journey has only just begun! Let’s wish them the very best of luck for May.

And it’s a big thumbs-up from me for A Dal 2018. It’s been superb! Plus I’m REALLY going to miss that jury!

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