Austrian entry for Eurovision 2018 released

ORF has just premiered the song Cesár Sampson will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The singer and composer will perform ‘Nobody But You’ on 8th May in Lisbon.

You can listen to the song and watch the official music video below:

Cesár Sampson is a singer, composer, and producer working at Symphonix International, the collective that has been behind some of the recent Eurovision entries. Symphonix International produced “If Love Was A Crime” and “Beautiful Mess”, songs that led Bulgaria to top results, as well as the Serbian and Macedonia entries for Kyiv, “In Too Deep” and “Dance Alone”.

“I initially came in contact with music through rhythm and dance. Both came to me very naturally, and I thought of myself as a percussionist long before I was a professional vocalist. To this day I start my songwriting process by singing rhythmical gibberish, getting the groove and vibration of it all right, until suddenly actual words flow in,” said Cesár.

“When I turned twenty, I reached a point where I felt I wanted to be more than just a musician, I needed a deeper motivation. So I centered the following years around social work as a physical therapist, and in particular, working with people with disabilities and handicaps. After that I came back to music with a totally different approach to it all,” he explained. “My voice is the most developed instrument I own, it is the result of a long journey. While I did start off with a fairly good instrument, I really didn’t understand it, it was just kind of there. I feel, to sing with the awareness and experience I have today, makes a world of difference.”

Cesár Sampson along with his colleagues of Symphonix International has written and produced the song he will perform in Lisbon.

What do you think of the Austrian song for Eurovision 2018?

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