Austria: Presentation of songs tonight!

Tonight, the third show of the Austrian selection “Wer singt für Österreich?” will be aired on ORF EINS!

The six finalists, qualified from the first show, will present their two candidate songs for Eurovision and only one song per artist will be selected for the final show by a professional jury.

These are the six candidates to represent Austria on home ground and the songs they will perform at today’s show:

  • Zoe – “My Heart” and “Quel Filou”
  • Folkshilfe – “Ned Au” and “Who You Are”
  • Celina Ann – “When I Fall” and “Utopia”
  • The Makemakes – “Big Bang” and “I Am Yours”
  • Dawa – “If You Return” and “Feel Alive”
  • Johann Sebastian Bass – “Monsters” and “Absolutio”

Mirjam Weichselbraun, who is also one of the three presenters of this year’s Eurovision, will be the host of the event to be broadcasted pre-recorded. The grand final, which will take place the 13th of March, will be the only show broadcasted live.

You can watch the show at 20:15 by clicking here.

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