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Austria 2024: Did Kaleen’s song for Eurovision leak?

On January 16th 2024 it became known that Kaleen is going to represent Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden). Her song will be officially released in upcoming March, but rumour has it that Kaleen’s song has leaked.

More about Kaleen you can find in our dedicated article, which you can find here.

2 Versions

2 Versions of Kaleen’s song have “supposedly” been leaked. One which is a song with a very 1990’s type of house beat and the other is a live version that has the words “Prohibited to film or share” on it. We do not know for sure whether either of these videos is actually Kaleen’s entry, but since we cannot help ourselves, we kind of hope that they are.
Source: Lyrics Musics YouTube channel
Source: Lolo YouTube channel

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