Armenian song “Don’t Deny” to be premiered today!

Today, the Armenian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will be presented live from Yerevan!

ARMTV internally selected the group “Genealogy” formed by six singers from different continents.

The Armenia public broadcaster has been revealing the members of the band during the last weeks and they will be releasing “Don’t Deny” today at 18.30 CET (21.30 Local time). Moreover, the last but not least member of Genealogy will be known during the song presentation which will take place through the broadcasting of the official video.


Five members who own Armenian roots have been announced until the date:

  • Europe: Esaï
  • America: Tamar Kaprelian
  • Africa: Vahe Tilbian
  • Asia: Stephanie Topalian
  • Australia: Mary-Jean O’Doherty
  • Armenia ¿?


Head of delegation Gohar Gasparyan revealed more details regarding the Armenian participation and song:

“The brilliant official slogan for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 “Building bridges” inspired us to create “Genealogy.” Two basic characteristics connect our 6 artists – the first one is the blood running through their veins that carries Armenian genetics, national traits and the reach history of Armenia. The second one is music, which also unites genetically. We have built a bridge between the past and the future, Armenian genetics and world music, Armenia and Eurovision. This is the genealogy of history and music – it can be distinctly defined from the official logo that the life tree has strong roots and branches reaching out to heights with the shape of connecting molecules. AMPTV’s designer Luiza Petrosyan was the creator of Genealogy’s logo.

While implementing the idea and selecting participants, the necessity to define the geography was extremely challenging because we, Armenians, have numerous talented artists spread all over the world and every Armenian is aware of Armenia-Diaspora-Artsakh unity. So we started looking for talented, young and charming artists and the initial list included over 30 names. However, according to the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest; only 6 people are allowed to perform on the stage. Armenian Public TV Company made the tough decision considering singer’s ability to perform live on stage, diversity and peculiarities of vocal capacity and style.”

“Don’t Deny”- The song and the music video

“The song has also been selected internally. We have been collaborating with numerous Armenian composers and lyricists. This year I was especially thrilled with the fact that after our last year’s success in Eurovision there was a wave of excitement and desire to create a winning song. The creative team of AMPTV selected the song composed by Armen Martirosyan and lyricist Inna Mkrtchyan. This was the song to perfectly fit Eurovision song format and combine all 6 unique voices creating the desired atmosphere on the stage.

We decided to have a double premiere and present the song along with the music video considering that it is making a greater impact and is reinforcing the power of the narrative. The song is about universal values and the message is one – “Happiness is born when people are united and live in harmony with themselves, their families, love relationships and so on. Generations are shifting with time but the genealogy remains, thus the values of love and peace are stable.”

The participants visited Armenia for a short trip to record the song and the music video directed by Aren Bayadyan. Several exclusive photo shoots were held with stylist Armen Galyan.”

You can watch the official presentation of the Armenian entry live at 18.30 CET by clicking here (the video will be available to watch later on

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