Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan is ready for Stockholm! revealed more information on an interview with this year’s Armenian entrant Iveta Mukuchyan, about the song that has been chosen for the event, coming up next May 2016 from Stockholm, Sweden.

Iveta feels herself really grateful and thankful for all the support received from all the Eurovision family and fans since she was announced as the Armenian representative. She also added that selection process for the song has been really tough due to the high interest and number of proposals and entries her team has been picking up from all over the world: from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and of course, Armenia. The final decision as she said has been made between two tracks, one of them is from Sweden and the other, from her native Armenia. The reason why she was guided to go for the one which was eventually picked, lies on the emotions she thinks the audience wants. ”It touched me deep inside my heart. I didn’t even know that a song could touch me like that”, she explains.

The full interview is available to watch below:

“This Christmas and New Year is something special for me. Of course I have many expectations for next year – I am very thankful to have this opportunity” she declared. Iveta wants you to stay tuned to her social media platforms cause exciting surprises are about to come really soon regarding her entry and details about her Eurovision path.

When will we finally hear the song? “It’s going to be a double surprise because we will reveal the song and the music video at the same time. And all I can say now is: Good things should not wait long.” So, be sure to stay with these days, and don’t miss the chance to be one of the first to hear the Armenian entry for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest!

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