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Armenia: First artist of Genealogy known!

As we announced in advance, Essaï Altounian is one of the members of the band representing Armenia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Today he has been confirmed by the Armenian broadcaster and

The well-known French-Armenian singer will represent the continent Europe in the project.

Last week, Genealogy was announced as the group representing Armenia in Vienna. They will sing the song “Don’t Deny”, and every artist of the sextet will have roots from different parts of the world.
Essaï has made public these statements some moments ago:

With Genealogy I’m one of the bridges connecting Armenian people around the world. I am also one of the bridges who are spreading love and positivity around the world through music. I represent Armenians from Europe – the continent of the Human right and the peace. I want to send a powerful message of humanity and serenity on behalf of European Armenians.I wish that people all around the world realize that Armenians will always climb on the higher mountains to sing, dance and spread joy and happiness.

What do you think about this new project?


12 thoughts on “Armenia: First artist of Genealogy known!

  1. Good idea for the “European petal.” Now, I hope for Monica Avanesyan to be the “center of the flower.” Besides, she turned 16 this past October (Oct.18.2014), so she’d be PERFECT 😀

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