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Armenia 2023: It is Brunette for Armenia

It is no longer a rumour, Brunette will fly the Armenian flag in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Source: Brunette YouTube channel

It is Brunette for Armenia

It is Brunette for Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Brunette is an upcoming artist in Armenia, and in 2022 she had a hit in Armenia with the song “Bac kapuyt achqerd”; the video of this song has almost 5 million views on YouTube.

Brunette said the following about her participation:

‘I am happy to share the news with you. I just create music, and this time I will share it with the European audience!’

– by Brunette about her Eurovision participation

Eurovision 2022

In the Eurovision Song Contest of 2022 Rosa Linn competed for Armenia with the, by now, world-famous song “Snap”. In Semi-final 1 Rosa Linn ended in 5th place, and in the Grand Final she ended in 20th place (of 25).

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest, Rosa Linn – Snap (2022)
Eurovision, National Final

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