Anja to represent Denmark in Kiev after winning DMGP 2017

Denmark has decided. Tonight DR held its traditional annual song competition, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, which took place live from Herning’s Jyske Bank Boxen. After such an exciting time during the voting process, the expert panel made up by Danish Eurovision fans and the audience with their calls and SMSs have decided on an equal combination that Anja must take the colours of their flag at the Eurovision Song Contest in May with the song “Where I Am”.

10 acts featured tonight’s show, who were internally selected by Danmarks Radio itself and a committee of music industry professionals headed by music producer Cutfather:

  • Ida Una – One
  • Thomas Ring – Vesterbro
  • Rikke Skytte – Color My World
  • Anja – Where I Am
  • Calling Mercury – Big Little Lies
  • Anthony – Smoke In My Eyes
  • René Machon – Warriors
  • Sada Vidoo – Northern Lights
  • Jeanette Bonde – Hurricane
  • Johanna Beijbom – A.S.A.P.

The superfinalists were:

  • Ida Una – One
  • Johanna Beijbom – A.S.A.P.
  • Anja – Where I Am

You can fin the final results here:

The show was  introduced to the audience by Danish TV personality, Annette Heick and former Lighthouse X member Johannes Nymark. 2000 Eurovision Song Contest winning act Olsen Brothers were performing as invited guests.

What do you think of the Danish choice? Will they get to improve their latest results and qualify to the grand final in Kiev after two years in-a-row of unfortunate results? Stay tuned for more news regarding Denmark at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!

About Adrián Valiente (Spain)

Adrián Valiente (Spain)

I love the Eurovision Song Contest not only because of its amazing production but it also gives me the chance to discover new music every year.
I’ve been watching it since 2002, since then I became a huge follower, mostly because of the interest TVE put on it with Rosa from Spain.
I’ve attended the contest several times in the last few years. I also attended the Junior Eurovision in Malta and Bulgaria where we lived an amazing experience thanks to all delegations and PBS/BNT organising team.

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