Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009) to perform at UK National Final 2017

This morning the BBC, broadcaster of United Kingdom, have announced that Alexander Rybak will be performing during the interval of the UK National Final, Eurovision: You Decide on January 27th.

Alexander Rybak of course represented Norway back in 2009, where he won the Grand Final in a landslide victory with his song “Fairytale”.  A big pre contest favourite, he managed to gain the highest points total of any winning song (pre 2016 rules), he brought the contest back to Norway for the first time since 1996. The Belarusian born singer since his win, hasn’t strayed far away from Eurovision, becoming a favoured song writer in several national finals, including Norway in 2013 (Annsofi – I’m With You), Malta for ESC 2015 (Franklin Calleja – Still Here) and Belarus in 2015 (Milki – Accent) amongst others.

The BBC have decided once again to hold a live national final in order to select the participant for 2017. Members of official fan group OGAE UK have once again been used to help select from the list of online open submissions. The songs for the national final will be revealed on Ken Bruce’s radio show on Wednesday 25th January.

Source:  BBC
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